DIY - messy bun for long hair

The longer my hair gets, the further away it moves from functional. Don't get me wrong, I love love love my long hair. I think it's probably moved into the "part of my identity" realm, which is maybe weird, & perhaps a sign that it's time for a change ;)

Since I picked up a part time job that has me getting up & at 'em earlier in the morning again, I've been desperately seeking ways to wear my hair that keep me from spending 35 minutes with a curling wand. Over the past year or so, I've also jumped on board the infrequent shampooing train, so I'm not only working with 2.5 feet of hair, but 2.5 feet of dirty hair. This messy bun has been a staple Day 3 or 4 hairstyle, & gracefully eases me into a Day 5 top knot the next day.

It really is a super simple style, made easier by working with textured hair. My favorite products these days are: Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturing Sea Salt SprayAlterna Bamboo Texturizing Body Boost Volumizing Liquid Powder, & Dove Dry Shampoo. Hopefully this tutorial makes sense - Three cheers for simple updos for the long haired ladies!


  1. Perfection. The ever-popular top knot has been my go-to bun but this looks more "put together" in my opinion so I'm gonna be trying it your way :)

  2. Reading your piece at the end, makes me feel at ease! ( I can only do about 2-3 days with out washing it all, this style will help!) What a wonderful tutorial, will be trying it in a minute x

  3. I tried this on my hair. I also have really long hair almost to my butt. When I did this my wasn't a circle like yours it was more floppy. What could help?

    1. Make sure that you're not pulling too much hair through when you make the flip bun! You can always wrap the leftover hair around the "circle" as many times as needed - No matter what the length of the hair is, the flip bun should always be the same size. Does that help?

  4. Such a great post! From one long haired lady to another - thank you!


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