about j + k

we are
jared + kelsey
we are
sitting in our tree
we are
first came love, then came marriage,
then came a blog.

the basic facts are that we are both 26. we both grew up in southeastern virginia, & recently made the move to washington, dc. we have both been saved by grace & believe in the truth of the gospel. we're also both really great at cracking each other up at least twelve times a day.

we started dating a week before we graduated from high school, & spent 3 blissful months together before I left for my first two years of college in northern virginia. having survived a “long distance” relationship (all of 3.5 hours apart), I came back to finish my degree in our hometown, & after what seemed like FOREVER… we got married on a beautiful fall day in october 2010. our wedding was a dream. [read about our engagement, & our wedding]

we are now not-so-newlyweds, having come out of our first four years of marriage more smitten than ever & looking forward to the adventures heading our way. I, alongside my friend & business partner, Amelia, am a new business owner, planning celebrations of all kinds with Tart Event Co. jared recently joined the men's fashion industry, living out his dream career. we're incredibly excited for these new jobs & new cities, & can't wait to document this grand adventure right here on this blog.

what you’ll find here on the tree is a mixture of my ridiculous antics, a typo here & there, some silly (& sometimes inappropriate) commentaries on our life,& lots of pictures - pictures of our random dates, our beautiful families, our frequent adventures, and food. lots of food. is there a point? well, I’m no fashionista or foodie. we have no pets or babies (YET!!!). but we’ve got a whole lotta love, & my hope is to one day look back & read everything I wrote, laughing & crying at good memories & bad jokes… while knowingly smiling & saying to one another with our eyes, “& to think we thought we had it great then.”

so hey there! & welcome to our story. 


  1. I'll be here to pick up the slack on the silly (& sometimes inappropriate) comments if yours just aren't up to snuff. You know, because that's what friends do for each other.

  2. The two photos - the one of you both in the circle and the one of you both on your about page - who took them? They're adorable!

    1. My wonderful iPhone took the profile photo, & my friend took the above photo as part of our engagements - I did the edits :)

  3. Loving your blog so far! I just moved to Richmond so I'm looking up some VA bloggers. Can't wait to read more.

    Lauren @ How Beautiful Are The Feet


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