Our Day Off

We spent the morning at the beach with our sister-in-law & her sweet little munchkins.
We stopped off & got some fresh fruits from a roadside farmer's market,
& now just the two of us are home, eating peaches & watching Robin Hood, Disney-style.

Don't you just love the opening credits to this movie?
The best, followed closely by 101 Dalmations, in my book.
Love our old school cartoons.

It's a short week for me, 
as we begin wedding festivities for our friends Amelia & Andrew on Friday!
We are ::SO:: excited.

Happy Monday, everyone!


A best friend

Jared's best friend has been in town for about a month now,
with another few weeks to go.

Josh dances for Ballet West aaaaall the way out in Salt Lake City,
& had performances the weekend of our wedding.
Perfection would have been Josh standing by Jared's side as he said his vows,
but he was absolutely there in spirit.

My, how I love these boys.


A tiny morsel.

Here's a tiny morsel of what we've been up to
since the weather has finally decided to toast up.

I'm not the biggest fan of the area we currently live in,
but the beach weather certainly does bring out the best in us beach folk.