a break, thank goodness!

a very, very welcome 5 day break from work began at 5 p.m. this afternoon...
I am thrilllllled to spend my day working on Thanksgiving crafting & pie-starting.
jared made apple butter today & I'm all but eating myself into a coma.
somehow, I keep forgetting that I don't have to work tomorrow,
but I'm still about to go to bed (by 11 p.m.!!!)
because I can.
just wanted to say a very short hi.

xo, kelsey


where I've been

 oh blog...
 I miss you so much.

so sorry for the silence over here.
I know I kinda stopped posting mid-wedding, which is a pretty bad cliffhanger.
things got craaaaazazazaaay around here as my most giant event at work took place Halloween weekend,
& Jared knew to very quickly whisk me away to a little dream bed & breakfast in Richmond.
yep, there's photos, because it was a pretty precious little um, mansion.
we then spent our time getting ready for our photoshoot with Korie & catching up on laundry.
there are photos from the shoot. not of the laundry.
the shoot took place last week & was basically a dream...
but more on that later ;)

we've spent time with friends, 
we've spent time cleaning our apartment from top to bottom,
we've spent time staring into each other's eyes & congratulating ourselves on surviving our first married event season.
basically - it's been a good two weeks of r&r.

my goal this week is to finish out my wave of domesticity,
which has thus far resulted in dusting every surface in our home,
rearranging rooms, baking cakes & even creating artwork.
(you guessed it - photos on the way.)
& oh yeah - I'm creating a parade float for the local holiday parade. no biggie.
after the parade, life really will slow down.
no really.
it totally will.

thanksgiving is right around the corner,
& while it's completely befuddling that time has flown so quickly,
it's also the time of year that I feel the most alive.
I can't wait to spend some more time here in our blogging treehouse.

it's good to be back!
& with Christmas music on as I write!
it's the most wonderful time of the year, after all.

xo, kelsey