better days.

About a month ago,
our dear friends Amelia and Andrew made a day trip to our little beach.
They were getting married in a couple weeks,
& needed to escape for a day.
+ Amelia & I had a little bit of wedding organizing to do ;)

First stop was Pelon's...
Our favorite SoCal taco joint at the oceanfront.

Pelon' Famous Fish Taco
My favorite - Carne Asada Tacos

 We introduced Amelia to the glory of the Fish taco.
 The Boys:

We spent a little bit of time in the sand,
& popped into Ocean Eddie's for an afternoon beer & cocktail.
(Because we're fancy like that.)

 Headed back to Chesapeake in time to kidnap our favorite Allison for dinner!

Dinner planned, shopped for and grilled by our wonderful boys.

& all we had to do was sit & look pretty.

--Steak Shish Kabobs & Bacon Wrapped Scallops on the grill--

 It was a pretty perfect day with some pretty & perfect friends.
We are HUGE ameliaandrewallison fans.

& in the midst of a 18 days of work stretch for me 
& a closing (at work) almost every night for him...
reminiscing lazy, friend-filled days is a necessity.




Two nights ago, I had a dream about the birth of our first baby.
I thought it was a boy.
(I still think it will be.)
Jared thought it was a girl.
(He always has.)

It was a girl.
Last night, as we were falling asleep,
Jared kissed me goodnight.

j: Sweet dreams.
k: I hope I dream about our first little baby again.
j: Me too. I love her so much already. 

You hear that, future babies?