sweet things - amelia

some blogging friends have agreed to join me in enjoying some of life's sweet things! first up is amelia, which is only fitting because not only is she one of my dearest friends in the whole, wide world, but she is also mildly infatuated with all things sweet. you can find her over on the sweet life! (see? sweet-freak.)

  1. My amazing friends, family and co-workers who went to great lengths to celebrate my recent birthday with me.
  2. The day I married my sweetheart. It was beautiful and perfect, surrounded by those we love. 
  3. The wonderful blessing that my husband and I both have careers in the fields we studied in school and the rewarding feeling I get from my job at Fete Studio, event through all the madness.
  4. Vacationing at the beach with my husband's family- without him. The without him part isn't so sweet, but I love that I am able to/enjoy spending time with his family when he is not here. It's like having a second family.
  5. Sitting on the porch swing at the beach with the sounds of early birds singing and the ocean waves crashing as I write this.
  6. The excitement of buying our first home, picking out paint colors and dreaming of the plans we have. 
  7. Our sweet cat, Raja, who always showers us with love and cuddles.
  8. Sitting on the screen porch of our soon-to-be home in the mornings for coffee and breakfast together before work.
  9. The thought of starting a family of our own (in the way, way future) or, in the not so far future- getting a puppy :)
  10. Watching my little brother learn and grow into a little man. 
  11. Seeing that my closest friends and family have such big, positive plans to look forward to this year. 
*photos by fabulous korie of korie lynn photography


sunday best

shirt: j. crew | tie: UO | tie clip: UO | pants: gap | belt: AE | shoes: thrifted | watch: kenneth cole
shirt: target | belt: his side of the closet | skirt: ny&co | shoes: h&m | watch: francesca's collections

happy sunday! ... or something. I completely fell victim to the dastardly summer cold, & have spent the last week coughing, popping lozenges & whining about how much my throat hurts. today was no exception all of the above, so I wore my favorite shoes & felt a little better about life. then j left for work & I felt a little worse. then I watched hours & hours of Olympics coverage & felt a little better.

my family is home & we've handed their house/dogs back over to them. I do love those dogs, but what I'll miss most is the piano. is it like an unspoken rule that you don't own pianos in apartments? because we still have a few years of apartment living ahead of us & it's actually painful to not own a dog OR a piano at this point.

I need another cough drop. & this commentator on the Mexico/Gabon men's soccer game sounds like detective munch from law & order: svu, so I'm pretending that it is. #toomuchcoldmedicine


just stopping in

this time last year, I was house/dog sitting my parents house all by my lonesome. this year, that sweet husband of mine has been around to fish frogs out of the pool & wake up with the dogs to let them out at 5 a.m. (which bodes well for me & the someday-duty of waking up with the baby, haaaay!) I'm getting a little sick, making it even more fantastic that he's around to bring me crazy juices with the raging, healing powers of ginger & chili powder (bluhhhhhh). it's fun, this playing house game.

but also, I've already cried twice watching olympics coverage of years past. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS & AMERICA & THE WORLD!!!

that's all for tonight :)


sweet things - july

1. baby lips & seeing my beautiful sister-in-law basking in mommy-glory
2. coffee already brewing when I wake up every morning
3. hand-holding & footsie playing
4. charcoal smudges on my hand from left-handed sketches
5. fresh white sheets & sunshine on a morning off from work
6. being woken up at way-too-early AM by kisses all over my face before he leaves for work
7. texting all day with a newly engaged friend
8. soaking in our last few weeks in our apartment – totally bittersweet
9. walking in the door from work to chili-chocolate bars & sunshine yellow flowers
10. regina spektor’s newest album – my sound of summer 2012

just some sweet things that may or may not be distracting me from the internet this summer ;) happy humidity!



you wouldn't be blogging either if you had pictures like this to edit. see you tomorrow, tree ;)


sunday best

shirt: A&F | tie: thrifted | tie clip: UO | pants: h&m | shoes: thrifted
shirt: old navy | dress: j. crew | belt: jared's side of the closet | shoes: target | earrings: AE

ahhh, today was a good day! from meeting our babiest niece to seeing our sweet coulomb friends to moving a friend's earthly belongings up four flights of stairs to cooking together... well, we're tired. but fulfilled! happy weekend to ya!


the 4th of indiana

over a week later, I finally mashed together some moments from the 4th of july at lake tippecanoe in indiana, & this was the result. there's so many imperfections, but it's still happy lake memories with some favorite people. it's definitely missing a certain favorite person, but he's going to be introduced to the midwest next summer, which makes me feel better. do enjoy!


sunday best

shirt: h&m | bowtie: ties.com | shorts: h&m | belt: gap | shoes: sperry topsider. AGAIN. | watch: kenneth cole
shirt: loft | belt: f21 | skirt: h&m/sister's closet | shoes: target | necklace & bangle: charlotte russe

also known as, sunday HEATWAVE. holy macaroons, it was toasty enough to keep us literally 2 ft. from our front door. pretty backdrops are nice & all, but not worth all the moving of limbs.

jared brought me those flowers when he picked me up from the airport on thursday night. wrapped in twine & everything. he knows me well. sunshine yellow is one of the only colors that I am constantly drawn to. someone has been paying attention. that same someone has also kept my oodles of vases full pretty constantly all summer. whatta fella!


july july!

alright, alright. it's july. which means that: 
1. the busiest three months of the event season are OVER. hallelujah!
2. it's a hundred and a billiondy degrees plus 90% humidity = hang out in the ac & try not to breathe on anyone.
3. I got to spend last week with my best friend in indiana over 4th of july - talking wedding, getting QT with her fiance & family & bonus! taking advantage of their lake house to snap some photos for their save-the-dates. (see above, duh. more to come!)
4. I spent a week away from Jared & have been making up for the lost time + seriously pathetic separation anxiety by NOT being on the computer. I'm a bad blogger.

anyways, we are lying low (because heat rises) while I get back in the swing of things. where is it that you can live where it's 75 degrees in the summer? because I could probably summon just enough energy to pack my bags & move there.

I'm returning to my regularly scheduled Sunday moseying.