sweet things - july

1. baby lips & seeing my beautiful sister-in-law basking in mommy-glory
2. coffee already brewing when I wake up every morning
3. hand-holding & footsie playing
4. charcoal smudges on my hand from left-handed sketches
5. fresh white sheets & sunshine on a morning off from work
6. being woken up at way-too-early AM by kisses all over my face before he leaves for work
7. texting all day with a newly engaged friend
8. soaking in our last few weeks in our apartment – totally bittersweet
9. walking in the door from work to chili-chocolate bars & sunshine yellow flowers
10. regina spektor’s newest album – my sound of summer 2012

just some sweet things that may or may not be distracting me from the internet this summer ;) happy humidity!

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