sunday best

shirt: j. crew | tie: UO | tie clip: UO | pants: gap | belt: AE | shoes: thrifted | watch: kenneth cole
shirt: target | belt: his side of the closet | skirt: ny&co | shoes: h&m | watch: francesca's collections

happy sunday! ... or something. I completely fell victim to the dastardly summer cold, & have spent the last week coughing, popping lozenges & whining about how much my throat hurts. today was no exception all of the above, so I wore my favorite shoes & felt a little better about life. then j left for work & I felt a little worse. then I watched hours & hours of Olympics coverage & felt a little better.

my family is home & we've handed their house/dogs back over to them. I do love those dogs, but what I'll miss most is the piano. is it like an unspoken rule that you don't own pianos in apartments? because we still have a few years of apartment living ahead of us & it's actually painful to not own a dog OR a piano at this point.

I need another cough drop. & this commentator on the Mexico/Gabon men's soccer game sounds like detective munch from law & order: svu, so I'm pretending that it is. #toomuchcoldmedicine

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