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some blogging friends have agreed to join me in enjoying some of life's sweet things! first up is amelia, which is only fitting because not only is she one of my dearest friends in the whole, wide world, but she is also mildly infatuated with all things sweet. you can find her over on the sweet life! (see? sweet-freak.)

  1. My amazing friends, family and co-workers who went to great lengths to celebrate my recent birthday with me.
  2. The day I married my sweetheart. It was beautiful and perfect, surrounded by those we love. 
  3. The wonderful blessing that my husband and I both have careers in the fields we studied in school and the rewarding feeling I get from my job at Fete Studio, event through all the madness.
  4. Vacationing at the beach with my husband's family- without him. The without him part isn't so sweet, but I love that I am able to/enjoy spending time with his family when he is not here. It's like having a second family.
  5. Sitting on the porch swing at the beach with the sounds of early birds singing and the ocean waves crashing as I write this.
  6. The excitement of buying our first home, picking out paint colors and dreaming of the plans we have. 
  7. Our sweet cat, Raja, who always showers us with love and cuddles.
  8. Sitting on the screen porch of our soon-to-be home in the mornings for coffee and breakfast together before work.
  9. The thought of starting a family of our own (in the way, way future) or, in the not so far future- getting a puppy :)
  10. Watching my little brother learn and grow into a little man. 
  11. Seeing that my closest friends and family have such big, positive plans to look forward to this year. 
*photos by fabulous korie of korie lynn photography

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  1. Love what you did with this and the photos! Rockin that photoshop, girl!


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