sunday best

shirt: h&m | bowtie: ties.com | shorts: h&m | belt: gap | shoes: sperry topsider. AGAIN. | watch: kenneth cole
shirt: loft | belt: f21 | skirt: h&m/sister's closet | shoes: target | necklace & bangle: charlotte russe

also known as, sunday HEATWAVE. holy macaroons, it was toasty enough to keep us literally 2 ft. from our front door. pretty backdrops are nice & all, but not worth all the moving of limbs.

jared brought me those flowers when he picked me up from the airport on thursday night. wrapped in twine & everything. he knows me well. sunshine yellow is one of the only colors that I am constantly drawn to. someone has been paying attention. that same someone has also kept my oodles of vases full pretty constantly all summer. whatta fella!

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  1. This one here = one of my fav's.

    We need to go shopping because I need some more cute summer dresses (because it's too hot to have anything else on)... better yet, we need another Mon-date. Like that? Yeah. I'm so crafty, just slipping that in like that.

    Text me. :)


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