july july!

alright, alright. it's july. which means that: 
1. the busiest three months of the event season are OVER. hallelujah!
2. it's a hundred and a billiondy degrees plus 90% humidity = hang out in the ac & try not to breathe on anyone.
3. I got to spend last week with my best friend in indiana over 4th of july - talking wedding, getting QT with her fiance & family & bonus! taking advantage of their lake house to snap some photos for their save-the-dates. (see above, duh. more to come!)
4. I spent a week away from Jared & have been making up for the lost time + seriously pathetic separation anxiety by NOT being on the computer. I'm a bad blogger.

anyways, we are lying low (because heat rises) while I get back in the swing of things. where is it that you can live where it's 75 degrees in the summer? because I could probably summon just enough energy to pack my bags & move there.

I'm returning to my regularly scheduled Sunday moseying.


  1. California in the summer is perfect for you.

  2. kelsey, i'm seriously considering moving to alaska! this heat is killing me! so the plus with alaska 1)the temperature in the summer barely reaches the 80's! ah, how lovely it would be.2) i know 4 people that live there! umm, yeah. let me know if you'd like to join me. i think it'd be fab. love, elaine


because lezz be frandz.