are happy days.
Until husband goes to work.
[between 3 and 4 p.m. every week.]

We had a little date last night,
that started with littlesister's concert,
a kitchen-side dinner at a local Italian restaurant,
and a surprise visit+movie with my biggest brother-in-law.
Because, you know... I have those now :)

Such a fun evening - Like watching Food Network the entire meal.
It helped to have some kitchen drama and a hilarious sous chef...
Plus my own charming date:

Love us some married dates.
It's pretty great for dates to never end, 
with no cars backing out of driveways or goodnight phone calls.

You can look for more pictures, more home updated
and a whole ton of life as a wife updates in the future.


My next door neighbor (who grew up & turned into my Maid of Honor)
used to offer me orange juice or milk or lemonade in mugs 
when we moseyed into her house after running around all day during summer.
It used to weird me out. 
A lot.

I love drinking ice cold water out of mugs and only mugs, now.
Hello, 2011.
Hello, blog.