Well, we finally did it. 
We're officially live at our very own domain,
& we've got some big (little) news to share.
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Let's talk about blog posts.


Yep, we're still here. We're actually working on some really exciting changes for this little blog, & we need your help as we revamp some things.

Blogging is a little bit of a dying art form. Instagram & Snapchat (& Vine & Facebook & Twitter) make every day goings-ons super easy to access. I am an avid user of all of those platforms... Well, except for Vine. I love the immediacy of them, & knowing what my sister in law in Cincinnati is up to with her kiddos on any random Friday afternoon. But I'm both a writer & an obsessive preserver of memories, with a super cute husband that makes life both funny & an adventure. Blogging is like a diary I can't quit, a photo album that doesn't require me to actually print photos. (Something I REALLY REALLY REALLY WISH I could commit to doing, let it be known.) I refuse to give up on blogging, even if that means being the girl speaking to an empty room.

I can't force blogging to be a thing again. Maybe that ship has sailed. But what I can do, since I refuse to quit just like Britney Spears (amIright) is better understand HOW to blog in 2016.

So, please. Take a second & answer the poll over there (to the left to the left). Did I miss something? Leave a comment! No account necessary... You can even be anonymous.

Here's some samples of the blog posts referenced in the poll:

Style Posts - Women's only
Style Posts - Women & Men
Lifestyle Posts - Our daily happenings in regular ol' paragraph format
Lifestyle Posts - Mostly pictures, less chatty
Lifestyle Posts - Posts about our daily happenings in bullet point format
Good Things Posts - Things we're loving right now
This Month Posts - 1st of the Month list
Recipe Posts - Food we're making or recipes we're trying
Essay Posts - Gimme all the words
Video Posts - Vlog Style
Video Posts - Compilation Style
DIY Posts - Home & crafts
Tutorial Posts - Hair, makeup, style, etc.

Thanks, guys! Can't wait to be back, new & improved!


philippians 4:6

I know that it is okay to be right here, right now.

Know that it is okay to be right here, right now.

It is okay to be right here, right now.

Be right here, right now.

Right here. Right now.

Right now.


a merry little christmas 2015

This year's loot
That black & white polka dot paper? Yeah, I screenprinted that. *flexes giant muscles*
Pretty Livvy
My niece Catherine's first year as official present distributor
Tommy's mom is way more excited than Tommy is about his present
Fact: Doodles love Christmas
Ellie got a new toy for Christmas, which will hopefully replace the slippers she usually steals carries around the house
My first year not waking up early enough to look presentable = the only photo you get of me
We realized halfway through the morning that Meredith had the whole couch all to herself, covered in presents.
A man & his Han Solo socks
There are 13 photos in this post, which are the 13 photos that we took via camera on our trip back to Southern VA for Christmas. This is in addition to the solid 4 non-selfie photos that I took on my phone. I spent most of our Christmas break with my phone left in my purse. The camera off. The out-of-office email response up. 

& it was great.

2015 was so. much. I'm only really able to see that right in the moment -- today, the last day of the year. Before I started to write this post, I went back in my previous Christmas Day posts just to revisit formatting, etc., & was instead left in tears when greeted by images of my grandparents enjoying Christmas with us the past two years. It was our first year without grandpa drinking his multiple cups of coffee & observing the Christmas morning shenanigans from a safe distance with a smile on his face. My grandmother's health is touch & go, & she spent this year unable to leave the rehab facility that she was temporarily moved to after a scary week of tests & ER visits. It's hard. It's sad.

So, we spent this Christmas being present. Soaking up moments, staying up WAY too late every night, holding onto babies & visiting my grandma every chance we got. We were missing grandpa but overjoyed to be joined by 3 month old Olivia. Happy to have a chance to catch up & laugh with Jared's parents & the siblings that made it in town for Christmas. 

Other honorable mentions: listening to the Hamilton soundtrack nonstop (OBSESSED) & seeing Star Wars for the 2nd time in Imax 3D. 

I have to get ready for work, but just wanted to pop in to put these up while it's still 2015. Happy New Years Eve to you all! I'll be back!


may your days be merry & bright

Bright Bundle design by Tiny Prints

2 - times I had to lint roll those hunter green pants before our shoot
6 - photos of 120 that were acceptable options for our Christmas cards
3 - years in a row that Amelia has taken our Christmas photos
7 - tourists that we had to strategically shoot around to take the winning photo
1 - pair of ear muffs lost in the Uber on the way to the Jefferson Memorial
3 - top contenders from Tiny Prints amazing holiday card selections before agreeing on this design
37 - degrees when we took these
2 - more sleeps until the Star Wars movie premiere

365 - Days that were merry & bright with this man at my side.

We are so happy to be celebrating another beautiful Christmas season in this city, & since we cheated with our Paris photos from last year (how could you not?), we wanted to do our Christmas card photos at one of the most iconic and my personal favorite national sites, the Jefferson Memorial. A huge thank you to Tiny Prints for these beautiful cards & perfect design!

The Cards of Christmas Past: