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LIGHTS - Our new place has a gloriously huge patio out back that I am aching to turn into an extension of our teensy living space. Very sadly, we don't have an outlet outside, but I'm on the hunt for solar lighting.
WOODEN BEADS - My friend Amelia found a darling local vendor in Richmond, VA that makes & sells wooden bead necklaces, & I have managed to wear mine almost every other day. Pick the right colors & it will match nearly EVERY outfit.
AUGUST STYLE - Once again, people need to calm down with the anticipation of all things fall. I try to avoid jumping into the autumn jubilee until September, but my Pinterest feed has me secretly dreaming of booties and jackets. I love this outfit because pairing a jacket with shorts seems like a nice homage to it still being August & oh, I don't know, REALLY HOT?
POTATOES - For those of us in the Whole30 universe, it was a big freaking deal last month when white potatoes were added to the Things You're Allowed to Eat list. Jared & I are starting another Whole30 next week, & I'm maybe a little too excited to eat something besides sweet potatoes in my favorite Whole30 stir-fry dinners.
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  1. Just came across your blog and it is ADORABLE!

    Ripped Jeans

  2. Is there anyway I could email you? I'm interested on promoting Sitting in our Tree on my blog!

    1. Of course, mon amie! kelseylbethune@gmail.com

  3. I love all four shots. Being that I love potatoes that was the second thing that caught my eye, the first was the amazing sofa. :) Enjoy the weekend!


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