iphone does - the moving process

As demonstrated by the total silence here on the blog, I did not keep my camera out & busy during our moving process. So iphone photos for all!

 photo iphonedoesmoving1.jpg
A commemorative FaceTime photo 
to represent how we most often saw each other for the past few months.
 photo iphonedoesmoving3.jpg
One happy girl who just got that phone call from her hubz that they were approved for their new home
+ our wonderful Norfolk home
 photo iphonedoesmoving6.jpg
A coffeehouse breakfast on a final morning of packing & cleaning
+ that polaroid has now been the last thing we pack in two apartments -- I think that makes it an official tradition
 photo iphonedoesmoving4.jpg
The packing elves that were sent to help fill boxes. Not super helpful but definitely super cute.
 photo iphonedoesmoving2.jpg
The moving truck (& Budget over U-Haul EVERY DAY, PLZ/THX) + Our final photo in front of our Norfolk door
 photo iphonedoesmoving5.jpg
ON THE ROAD SELFIE! + My view during our rainy drive to DC

I have promised photos of our "new place" when we moved into our Chesapeake AND Norfolk apartments, & didn't deliver either time. SO! Maybe by not promising photos this time, it will actually happen. Ehhh?? 

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