sans internet

Because photobooth works, even when the internet doesn't.
[This video is actually from yesterday. Still no internet.]


  1. haha, love this lady! WHO DOESN'T HAVE INTERNET THESE DAYS??!! p.s. you totally sound like rachel mcadams. your voice that is.

  2. Can you please make more vlogs? This was terrific. I love your spunk and personality. Pretty sure if you stayed in HRVA we would've become real life friends. You know, even after you almost stood me up at Cafe Moka when my cell phone was dead. ;) Glad you are settling in!

  3. Niece, you are a hoot. Missed you at the wedding yesterday. You guys would have been the spark the party needed. Very nice to having the company of your momma and dad + their moral support! Luv ya both and good luck!


because lezz be frandz.