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You guys... Personal blogs are for capturing important moments in life that you want to look back fondly on & remember, & really, our first visit to Shake Shack felt like one of those important moments. If not to mark the sharp decline of my temporary healthy eating, then to at least prove that I am a real, live blogger, for I have eaten at Shake Shack & documented it. When do I get my certificate in the mail?

But seriously, this was a well deserved lunch after a seriously productive morning on Jared's day off. The Shake Shack gods smiled down uponst us, because after we scarfed our burgers, we came home & finally go-- No, I really need to reiterate that we FINALLYYYYYYYYY got our wifi up & running, even though the cable company tried to make it as difficult as possible/run us out of town. Mais non! We triumphed! & the world breathed a sigh of relief because I am the squeakiest wheel in aaaaall the land.

Other fun things this week include:
  • Hanging shelves & slowly making little corners look & feel more like home
  • Waking up every morning to find that the home decor fairy still hasn't shown up
  • A 2.5 hour Facetime session with our dear Coulombs
  • Hours of job applications for me
  • A tasty date night at The Fainting Goat
  • Affogato dates on our back patio from the gelato shop that is (quite frankly) way too close to our apartment
  • Realizing that walking shoes are no joke & a definite need
  • Cleaning questionable gunk off baseboards & cabinet tops because the people that lived here before us were the grossest
  • Being approached by a tourist for metro directions, meaning we don't look as unsure as we feel while navigating our way around town
  • An anomaly of a short visit to the passport office
  • Learned the importance of washing my feet before getting into our very white bed, because saaandaaaaals

Jared is working today, & I already had a fun jaunt to Pentagon City with my friend Elsa, who has taken me under her wing to show me the wheres & whats of the city. That means it's time to take on the refrigerator & its questionable smells. Glamorous, I know -- But after the battle find an apartment, I'm just super grateful to have a fridge, stinky though it may be.

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  1. those burgers looked yummy!!

    xo josephine c.


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