this month - september

EATING - another month of Whole30, this time with Jared!
DRINKING - all the home-brewed coffee, forever and ever, amen.
PRACTICING - the sidewalk stare. You know, with ear buds in & not making eye contact, while maintaining a friendly demeanor that also says, "No."
MASTERING - getting into our apartment with  full arms using the ol' one handed key-turning technique.
LEARNING - that it's somehow already September of 2014. How??
PLAYING - with furniture, trying to make everything fit.
FINISHING - a photo project that I started before this wacky moving process took over our lives.
READING - up on keeping plants alive, shelving assembly instructions, The Washingtonian (like a n00b), & the metro map once every 2 seconds whilst navigating the city.
WATCHING - David Tennant's final season of Doctor Who, now that Jared & I are back under the same roof.
WALKING - in short bursts, as apparently all of my shoes give me blisters.
WEARING - maybe, possibly something autumnal by the end of the month? Or is it 200% humity forever... I forget.
COOKING - with more elbow room, or at least with more counter space.
WORKING - hopefully! Applying all over town.
TRAVELING - absolutely nowhere. Staying put & exploring.
WANTING - new plant babies for our balcony & kitchen window!
 Whatcha doin' this month?

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