a little love note

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To the man 
who put on the same Coldplay song this morning while I was making breakfast that I picked out to listen to on my walk home yesterday

who is the only person in the universe that can convince me to try mushrooms every time they're on his plate, even though I will never like them

who wakes me up with a kiss & whispers "It's raining outside" because he knows it's my favorite thing to wake up to

who lets me reason that we can totally make the 1.5mi walk back from Target with arms full of bags, & already has Uber pulled up when I'm over it after 10 minutes

who is just as excited for fall weather & apple picking as I am

who keeps a running list on his phone of things I mention under my breath that I'll eventually be frustrated when I can't remember what they were

who laughs at my jokes when everyone else in the room is still trying to decide if I was joking

who makes an extra large pot of coffee on days when he somehow knows I'll look for a second (or third) cup

who loves our future dog as much as I do & doesn't mind in-depth discussions on potential puppy names at 1am

who cleaned up the egg I dropped on the floor this morning before I could even react

who sings French melodies in the other room without realizing he's doing it & please don't ever stop
Yes, you, Mr. Bethune. 
I love you.


  1. this is romantic!! i'm glad you found your soulmate..

    xo josephine c.


because lezz be frandz.