dani in the city

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We've had such a fun week hosting our friend Danielle for a few of days while she visits from CHINA. Freaking China! She & her husband have been in Chongqing, China for an entire year (can you tell this blows my mind?), & we have so so much to catch up on. When she's home in China, we are liiiiiiterally 12 hours apart, so our texting time lines up for approximately 2 hours a day. We've been friends since my sophomore year of high school, lived together in college & were in each other's weddings... So, we're really enjoying our week of sleepovers & day dates before she hops back across the world to China. She's telling me stories about China, I'm taking her to Target, we're eating a lot of Chipotle. It's been great fun & a wonderful excuse to get out & about in the city. Love my Dee Baby.

Read more about Dani's adventures in China here: http://latxlong.blogspot.com/

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  1. beautiful city!! and i'm pretty jealous that you have such a great friend to bond with.. :)

    xo josephine c.


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