wearing - 28/50

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tee - Old Navy // skirt - H&M // sandals - TJ Maxx

Honesty: I don't read style blogs unless I have a particular event that requires a particularly inspired outfit. I don't think I have ever looked at a fashion magazine outside of sheer boredom at the dentist. My style board on Pinterest consists of whatever shows up on my home page. I think I've bought one thing at J. Crew that wasn't on sale or from an outlet. I do style posts for fun, not because I believe I'm an extraordinary fashionista. My clothing budget varies between non-existant & piddly, & at this point in our lives, I'm totally happy to accept the challenge of making it work.

HOWEVER. Every. Freaking. Year. New York Fashion Week rolls around & I die. I die a thousand times. I want to beeeee there. I want to watch the shows! I want to watch the shows because I was invited. I know, this is total crazy talk. & with all of ^^ that up there being said, it doesn't really make any sense. I want to be more immersed in the fashion world, but I think I pass up on the blogs & magazines because I'd rather avoid the pangs of jealousy. Someday, NYFW. Someday, I will enjoy you. [In the mean time, I'm following along with my Minnesota cutie/true fashionista Chelsea's adventures on insta.]

Anywho, just had to get that out after a morning of #NYFW tweets & instagrams. Talk about feeding the monster.

This outfit got me up, down & all around town as we did our massive Ikea/Container Store/Target shopping trip to finish organizing our new place. We decided once I got up here to live a car-less life. This has meant lots of walking, which is fantastic, but a lot of shoe drama for me. I have pretty classic (horrific?) dancer/soccer player feet, & finding shoes that don't hurt after a .5 mile walk has been difficult. In fact, I thought these sandals were okay walking shoes, but NOPE! Nope. Not so much. My friend Elsa has lived up here for awhile now & offered some advice for breaking my shoes in, so hopefully I'll start making strides (har har) in comfort for les pieds.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. I'm off to make a loooong hike to the closest Target. WISH ME LUCK/NO BLISTERS!


  1. Sitting in our tree's new look is darling. Loving following our adventures in DC!

  2. Love the outfit, you look lovely! I so want to be wholly stylish and put together, and at this point it still hasn't happened yet. It seems to take more time, money and effort then I seem to have, regardless I'm hoping to step up my game this year.


  3. Aw, stop it!! You are the cutest! Loving how you paired stripes with a fun pattern!
    And good luck at Target ;)
    xo TJ


    1. I actually put off the Target trip (a 30 minutes one-way walk, ugh) in hopes of catching Wit & Delight's line debut! But thank you, babe. YOU are the sweetest.


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