a little juice date

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On a husband's day off, you might:
Sleep in a little later than you meant to
Make a delicious mexican (Whole30 sanctioned) breakfast
... with extra cilantro
Hang some curtains
Take some measurements for a future IKEA trip
Wander outside because someone needs outfit pictures
& then just keep wandering around the neighborhood
Pick out the buildings with the biggest windows & pretend you can afford to buy them
Pet all the pups you see walking past you on the sidewalk
Stumble across a tiny juice shop with the most colorful patio
Order iced coffee anyway while your husband talks juice-talk with the owner
Somehow end up at the grocery store, buying allll the fruit
Head home & make smoothie popsicles

We already can't believe how much time we spent apart this spring/summer,
but at the same time, can't believe how fast it went...
aaaand at the same time, are so so elated to be back together, hand in hand.
He's just my favorite.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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