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FALL CANDLES - Still working on making our apartment smell "like us", if that makes sense, but frankly, I'd take just smelling better than it currently does. I have a stash of Harvest scented tea lights that are covering every surface available now that it's officially fall.
POMEGRANATES - We're on Day 24 of Whole30 & thrilled to see that pomegranates are showing up at our local markets. We're enjoying them as snacks or paired with a brussels sprout hash... & dreaming about pomegranate scones.
TARTAN SCARVES - All the plaid. & the bigger the scarf, the better. I basically don't want to be able to see past my wool blanket-scarf all fall/winter. Saving my pennies for one of these pretties. This picture is a double whammy, as I recently painted my nails black & I may just keep it for the next four months. Obsessed.
ARTWORK - Speaking of obsessed & saving pennies... We have two blank walls in our family room & we both agree it's time to invest in a real piece of artwork. Satsuki Shibuya popped up on my Pinterest feed & it was like falling in love at first sight. I know she's the one. LOVE her work.
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  1. those pomegranate scones looks so delicious! all the heart eyes!

    timothy + ariana

  2. i'm so glad that fall is here so i can paint my nails dark colors without any regrets!

  3. There is nothing like candle light to create the perfect romantic ambiance. The scones look delicious and the art is amazing. Please share some shots of your space with the pictures. I would love to see what you do with it. :)


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