apartment 207

The surfaces have been wiped down, the last box moved to the new place & the keys have been turned in. Jared spent all day yesterday finishing the move out/clean-up process while I worked, & we said our official goodbye this afternoon. It's so exciting to be moving on, & kinda fun to know we've been married long enough to have a "first apartment" now, but that didn't make it any easier to take down the windchimes or pull off the Polaroid that I taped onto the front door the day Jared got the keys to what would be our first home. Ugh, I've got to pull it together.

Apartment 207, you were everything we needed you to be for our first two years of married life. We'll miss you. But not your bullfrogs. I will NEVER miss the bullfrogs.

It's raining here at the new apartment. Jared just turned on Beauty & the Beast. We're spending the evening in, sitting in our new, charming little tree.

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