sunday best

jacket: h&m | tie: gap | shorts: h&m  | shoes: thrifted | sunglasses: that's a big ol' h&m
dress: target | cardigan: f21 | belt: charlotte russe | necklace & sunnies: target

these pictures are a little bit on the cheating side, since we took them two sundays ago. these pictures are also a little bit on the HEY THERE, HIPS! side, as there is apparently no good way to hide my... uhhh, curves? in a knee length dress - consider this noted. I'm trying my hardest to embrace that I am a blogger with hips/thighs/not-a-teeny-waist. we're a minority ;) truthfully, it's an ongoing challenge to follow the trends while being aware of my body type. skinny jeans? doable... but I've certainly never walked into forever 21 & walked out with a pair of skinnies. no, no. it's usually a journey to twelve stores over the course of three weeks to find the perfect fit. then there's the upcoming Season of the Leggings, beginning promptly in september & lasting through mmm, april. ongoing challenge: ACCEPTED.

I'm typing from the coffeeshop around the corner from our new apartment. it's all drizzly outside & a very dry cappuccino is warming me up. a little old man walking a dog wearing a raincoat just passed by the window. it's like we now live in a scene from a Meg Ryan movie, like, for real. so I'm going to continue to sit here, ignoring the boxes covering every corner of the apartment & wait for tom hanks or billy crystal to walk by. it could happen.

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