iphone does: an evening with ingrid

I fell in love with ingrid while writing an English paper as my freshman year roommate watched one tree hill. ingrid was the featured artist, & I immediately took to myspace to find out who she was & how could I hear more of her music. it's been deep, heart-throbby love ever since. jared surprised me with tickets to the show last month & I finally - FINALLY! - found myself back in the same room as the great & almighty ingrid for the first time since I saw her in concert in 2007. we took my littlest sister & her bff with us to share in the love, & middle-aged ladies who seemed to be at the concert just to ruin everyone else's evening aside... had a really pleasant time. pictured with ingrid is her new hubby, greg laswell. they're pretty presh. 

& it's only fitting that I share ingrid's impromptu Olympic song that she played for us... obviously, I was not the only one wondering how the women's gymnastics all-around was going during the concert that night. it's funny :)

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