just a twirl on the lake

hey, remember when I went to indiana for the 4th of July & took engagement pictures for emily & trent & then was still editing them at the end of August? yeahhh... me too. so that's what I've done with my evening. we've reached the point in unpacking where we can go no further without a trip to ikea/the container store, which are both located in northern virginia - a good 3.5 hour drive. (so guess what we're doing on monday!) this leaves me guilt-free, as I've been sitting here staring at the computer screen with my glasses sitting on the end of my nose for the last 3 hours, legitimately surrounded by boxes & suitcases that have nowhere to go.

I also reached the end of my not-having-a-pet rope tonight, & something just has to be done. I need animal companionship for these weeks when Jared is at work every night. unfortunately, this new building doesn't allow dogs, & I can't stand birds, & I think I'm technically what you could call allergic to cats. but that last one is debatable. at least I'm pretending it is. hmph.

this gif is making me dizzy. my GIFt to you. ;)

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