meow you're talking.

this is really big news.
I just spent an entire 3 nights in the same apartment as this cat,
& did not once get hives, an itchy throat, swollen eyeballs or wheezy (fo-sheezy).
not once did Jared look at me & ask, "hey, Igor, have you seen my wife?"
& the tissues remained untouched.
read: BIG DEAL.
now I have to start thinking up kitty names. 

anywho. this is raja, the most spoiled/loved cat in at least richmond.
she's kinda skanky & has this way of batting her eyes that make even 
the most hardened of not-a-cat-person heart's swoon as she lays across your lap.

& yes, our cool richmond friends have a loft & brick walls & chandeliers. 
they're pretty fancy, & we're all like, what? you can get paninis from somewhere other than panera?

laundry rotation time.
while I didn't have an allergic reaction after a weekend with raja,
23 years of I'm-allergic-to-cats experience just dumped our suitcase contents into the washer.
baby steps.

xo, kelsey

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  1. She is SO sad you all left. She was getting quite good at whoring herself around the room.


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