like a rather blustery day

it's been a little quiet around here, yeah?
*insert excuses here*
there was a spell of really beautiful 75 degree weather in our little city,
& it was fantastic. dinners on the porch, walks, windows open...
all sorts of spring weather wonderful. 
except it was in february.

I'm currently sitting in the cafe of Jared's store,
waiting for his shift to end in 41 minutes.
I mostly just want to stare at the clouds with him, but:
 a. might be blown away by the blustery wind that has sent my little cabrio into the other lane multiple times today,
b. we have tons of stuff to-do today, like reading, writing, & grocery shopping. which is better than arithmetic.

it's a short little hello, but I have a power point to make.
but! you can take a peek at the new "about j + k" page under the kissy picture.
it's like a BONUS entry.

happy saturday, friends!
enjoy your wonderful, marvelous weekend.

xo, kelsey

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  1. Ooh, a PowerPoint. Scaaaaaary. Want to write my brief while you're at it? I'll bet that gives you a real challenge!


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