dirty laundry

ha! you thought this would be some juicy gossip.
nope. it is literal dirty laundry.
& also my companion for the next 5 hours, along with ingrid's new album.
if you're unimpressed with the amount of clothing, fear not - there's more. it's just inside the hampers.

it's cleaning day for me as the husby works a lovely 9 hour day at the caffeine factory.
(which is code for that coffee place that you go to/drive by every day.)
the past three weekends have been spent out of town or filled to the brim with church activities,
& our cleaning lady quit after an hour when she realized how much laundry we make in a week.
(... which is a lie. there was no cleaning lady.)
what I'm trying to say is... lots of clothing to wash. lots.

it's a three day weekend!!!
sleep in past 10 a.m. - CHECK.
& blah blah blahhhh about the other stuff on my self mandated to-do list.

have a wonderful weekend!
I'm off to hang out with some permanent press & dry-clean only tags.

xo, kelsey

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  1. i laughed when i saw this as it's precisely how mine looks too. needless to say, i will be multi-tasking with case studies & laundry tomorrow until you find another alternate vintage shop to drop in on. ready, set, find one!!


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