a tale of four succulents

the word succulent actually gives me goosebumps,
& not a watching-"angels in the outfield"-scene-when-everyone-starts-flapping-their-arms sorta goosebump.
it just sounds icky.
but I do love succulents, & don't let the two that I killed last year come back from the grave to tell you otherwise.

I actually love them so much that I start feeling bad when picking them out,
& I end up with an armful of succulents & teary eyes, looking at Jared
(who is shaking his head telling me no, we can't take them all home)
& saying, "but little petal blossom needs a home too, & I already put her in my arms,
so she thinks I love her! I CAN'T PUT HER BACK NOWWWW."

& that's how we ended up with four succulents.
& no potting soil. so they're sitting on a plate.

I wrote a lonnggggg post for today,
then the screen sorta flickered & it was gone.
so instead, you get a story about succulents,
& outtakes from our sunday best "shoot,"
which should reassure you that I'm not taking this whole style post thing toooooooo seriously.
there's basically three times as many pictures of me than there are of Jared.
shocking. I know.

xo, kelsey


  1. You personify inanimate objects, too?! I do the same thing. Let me tell you, do I ever struggle with choosing fruits and vegetables in the produce aisle...they all want to be chosen! (I have problems.)

    1. YES! & sometimes shoes, too! we must be related ;)


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