waffles, abe, & the puppy bowl

some snapshots of our weekend in richmond,
spent celebrating andrew's birthday over waffles, red velvet cupcakes & at museums...
because he's the smart history buff friend that every person needs in their life. 
mostly, I'm just happy that we have friends with beautiful smiles, cute kitties
& the same longing desire to watch the puppy bowl on super bowl sunday.

(bonus: in the second to last photo,
jared managed to catch my omg-I-don't-know-what-any-of-this-means-but everyone-else-seems-concerned face while watching the super bowl.
it's a really attractive face, & definitely not one that reflects the fact that I can't even remember who
was in the super bowl already. besides gisele bundchen. she was there, right?)

xo, kelsey


because lezz be frandz.