minus & plus

I may or may not have brought to work the lifesaver mints
that Jared put in my stocking at Christmas & ate, ummmm THEENTIREBAG in one day.
is wint-o-mint addiction a real thing?  BETTER QUESTION - is wint-o-mint overdose a real thing?
there are worse things to nom on, I guess. things that don't make you
breathe minty freshness. like combos. or garlic.

we started a financial class at our church two weeks ago, & I feel a
little bit like all I can think about is BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET!!!
but that's totally not a bad thing.
in fact, after a year of marriage without any financial plan except to tithe & save-here-and-there,
it's a little bit of a GREAT thing. as much as our budget is consuming our thoughts right now, 
I know it's laying the foundation for the rest of our money makin' lives, & there is much peace in that. 
plus, talking about money almost always results in talking about future babies... 
& I just LOVE talking about future babies. they'll be little, & soft, & smell goody & little...

found out this week that some very precious family members are moving out of state. 
*sniff* I'm not really even processing what that means just yet.
but change is good, & in their case, it is great. 
we're really, truly happy for them & we'll just be adding another city to our dropping-in-to-visit list. 
consider yourselves warned, you roaming bethunes, you.

running out of shredded cheddar cheese.
replacing said cheddar cheese with crumbled feta to create what may
just be mashed heavenly clouds of potato wonder.

taking out my contacts.
placing contacts in medicine cabinet.
waking up.
tip toe-ing to bathroom so as not to wake jared.
opening medicine cabinet.
apparently opening the medicine cabinet too quickly...
contact case, sucked out by physics & gravity, 
coming FLYING TOWARDS MY FACE only to crash onto our tile floor 
& making a sound closer to what I would imagine 
the entire medicine cabinet would sound like if it had fallen.
nearly pass out from fear/trying not to scream.
get angry that something dared to make such a loud noise in my face when I'm barely awake & definitely not functioning.
lid is knocked off.
contact is missing.
curse contacts.
scratch that, curse my eyes for needing contacts.
my glasses are cute.

having people over for a movie & not having any sweets on hand. 
besides some girl scout cookies.
& when I say some I mean the six that I hadn't already eaten.
mama would be ashamed.
still having a grand ol' time, even if it felt like there was a vacant
space at the table without cupcakes to eat. LESSON LEARNED.

having to pick glitter off your friend's face because they did something ridiculous 
like walk into your apartment, which is a sort of glittery aftermath STILL.

acting like I had my life together this morning when I stumbled out of bed & decided to make myself lunch... 
then proceeding to forget my breakfast AND my cell phone.
boss walking in with panera & guessing the right kind of bagel because YOU GUESSED IT, 
she couldn't get ahold of me on the phone that I left at home. 
she is all sorts of wonderful to me.

happy leap day!
I hope yours was full of pluses... es...'s.

xo, kelsey


  1. Hey! I like the contacts/glasses story. Ice-cream is a plus! Let's have some now.

  2. Plus: Brandon is coming home to visit.
    Extra plus: You will be served delicious food and finally receive the mysterious gift.

  3. Eh. Lifesaver Mints. Those were my, um, lifesaver, during the morning sickness days...and now, so help me, I don't want one ever again. Glad you enjoyed them, though! :)


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