sunday best

& the best of the sunday best:

I gotta tell ya...
I think we were both a little more awake this morning as we got ready for church
knowing that we had these pictures to take after the service.
but it is totally fun, especially when it's not raining outside.
Jared says this is his "500 days of summer" look,
& wants me to tell you that I "Joseph Gordon LOVE-itt."

I am a little excited, since my boss & I have tried to watch as many of the best picture nominees as possible.
SADLY, of all the movies that I think I'd love the most,
I haven't watched 'the artist' yet! so so sad.
alas, it's my turn for our sundate after our financial class at church tonight,
which I may value a little bit more than watching an award show.

... although, I bet ice-cream & the oscars would make for a pretty good date.


xo, kelsey

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  1. I didn't agree with most of the academy's choices, but the biggest problem I had was that they didn't even give "Drive" any recognition whatever. Definitely my favorite movie from last year.


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