beautiful momma

this is my momma on her honeymoon in 1982.
love those shoes, that skirt, the coral lipstick that shows up so much better in the actual photo.
funny how this outfit would fit right in with all the fashion bloggers these days.
(& yeah. my mom stayed classy in the 80's. so so proud.)

I've been thinking about style a lot lately.
for a couple of reasons:
1. because it's a hard thing for me to care about
2. because this is the time of year where it's super easy to wear black every day,
& I'm trying my darnedest not to give in.

anyways, while looking for old pictures of the baby sisters
for their recent birthdays, I ended up deep in the archives of my parents' photo albums.
such good-ness was discovered.
& some good things came from that good-ness.
one being a sinking feeling of guilt for not printing photos & making albums
for my 23 yr. old child to look through.
the other being some fashion motivation.
I have good genes. & good jeans.
so there's no excuse to put on the black turtleneck tomorrow morning.
no sirree bob.

xo, kelsey

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