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I joined the iphone world back in april, & well. I just love apps. I love apps of all kinds, & am on a constant search for new + aesthetically pleasing. so! whenever someone from a trustworthy source posts a gem of an app, I get all sorts of excited. I just want to share the love! so I'm going to be sharing with YOU guys some of my favorite apps every once in awhile. plus, we all know how much I love advertising for free (?). & tonight, it's two favorites from my "tunes" folder.

  • like, the god amongst playlist apps. 
  • SO great for finding new artists - new to you AND to the music scene.
  • songza pulls up the day of the week + time of day & shows a list of activities to choose from (2nd photo). 
  • once you've selected your "activity", it will show you three playlists with brief descriptions, & for the album cover diehards, some of the artists that are showcased on the playlist (3rd photo). 
  • from there, your playlist will begin, but similar playlists also show up, so you can sorta rabbit trail into whatever genre of music you've selected.
  • also has tons of options under the explore tab, letting you search by mood, decade, culture, etc.
  • much like pandora, the more thumbs-up you give, the better it gets to know your taste, & it will recommend better music suited for y-o-u.
  • no commercials (yet)... which is awesome. no frightening male voice booming through your speakers to advertise insurance or presidential candidates as you're drifting off to sleep = always a bonus.
  • I do find myself going back to Pandora when I want to listen to mostly one artist (like when all I want is Florence + the Machine, mixed with Electric Guest & Black Keys), & back to Spotify for a whole playlist of simply Beirut. songza's playlists are very diverse.
  • seems to have a couple of glitches every now & then, but it's mostly just the music taking a minute or two to load. 

relax melodies
  • I don't know when I became one of those people that needs white noise to fall asleep, but I have a feeling it started when my roommate & I had to drown out our evil radiators in our 1920's apartment bedroom during college.
  • but seriously, remember the equally-evil-bullfrogs? this had a lot to do with that.
  • we tried playing music to drown out the bullfrogs when dear, sweet mating season began this year, but it was keeping me awake & made Jared's sleep pretty restless (which is HARD, because dude sleeps like aaaa... hibernating bear?). so we decided white noise was the answer to our problems.
  • naturally, there's an app for that. but when searching "thunderstorm" or "white noise" in the app store, the options were endless & to be honest? pretty wonky.
  • I think it was some mommy-blog that actually ended up recommending this app... for their toddler.
  • I don't even care. Toddlers need sleep. I need sleep.
  • basically, you get to create the background noise of your choice with five pages of noise to mix into sleepy perfection. (note: this is the free edition)
  • bonus! you can control the noise level for each sound, so notice at the top of the 2nd picture, the thunder is set at 50%. 
  • I believe the first words I uttered to Jared about this app was, "this would be so great for babies!" but that's just a guess.
  • I SLEEP SO HARD WITH THIS SUCKER PLAYING! & the best part is the timer (bottom of the 2nd photo), so we have it set to shut off after two hours of glorious zzzzzz's. there's also an alarm if you're the type of weirdo that would wake up to the sound of campfire. or monks singing. 
got any secret music apps that you've been enjoying? leave a comment! I currently have TWO partially empty apartments to fill with jamz, people! help a girl out!

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