sunday best

well, happy june! it's somehow the weekend again, which really snuck up on me after a teensy little 4 day work week. but my jilted job exacted its revenge in the form of an 18 hour day at work yesterday, & I am thus calling it even. 

it has been suggested that I start detailing the brands we're wearing. while I'm not opposed, it feels like a really big step into the world of "fashion blogging" & well... that sort of title makes me itchy. & a little sweaty. sorry, but it does. I am always up for hives & a good cold sweat, however, so here I go. are you ready? 

every single thing I'm wearing above came from h&m. even the shirt underneath my polka dot top. shoes, nail polish... guess how often that happens? zero. that happens zero often. except for the first sunday that I'm naming the brands I'm wearing. pretty sure that's not how this is supposed to work.

jared is also wearing h&m, but his tie is j. crew & his shoes are thrifted. & his hair was gifted by God.

so awesome. yaaaay free advertising. ugh, maybe I'll be better at this next week. but no promises ;)


  1. ... & my tie clip is from Urban Outfitters, your hair tie is probably from Target. :)

  2. I LOVE this post. My favorite thus far. You're like a legit Fashion blogger!! <3 Beautiful and you two are too cute.


because lezz be frandz.