breaking pointe

I am in no way a reality television fan - in fact, the closest I come is a slight obsession with laguna beach in high school & a really embarrassing addiction to sister wives that was developed during a SW marathon that played aaaaaall day as I was laid up on the couch with cramps this past christmas.

however! tonight, we will be in front of the tv, tuned in to the CW to watch our friend Josh's show premiere. because 1. we love him 2. he's a freaking amazing dancer (check him out at :09 & :024!) & 3. he's one of the only people that appreciated laguna beach the way I did, so I owe it to him. josh is a company member of ballet west, so we're definitely hoping to see him on camera a few times this season. it somehow seems a little fancier than skype ;)

 tune in tonight at 8PM/ET on the CW!

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