fairfax avenue

it's been another sweeeeet day off. having mondays off is maybe one of the best perks of the event season. seriously, sneaking around the city while everyone else works, enjoying stores without the weekend hubbub & laughing while watching traffic from our window because I'mmm noooot sittingggg in ittttt. although, while we were playing in norfolk, I SHOULD have dragged my bum out to the beach to get some more sun. girlfriend's legs are still quite... waxen. 

so, this is my event season substitute for our "sunday best" series. I had to leave halfway through the service yesterday to head out to an event, which is sadly not an uncommon occurrence between april & november. but we're having a little too much fun with our ridiculous photo shoots, so commence "casual weekday attire mondays!"... not nearly as catchy. whatever, series titles are LAME, anyways.

p.s. now accepting canon lens donations. you know, if you're feeling giving & whatnot.

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