on mother's day.

I am not a mom yet, & being a mom is not in the near future, really. (there, now that question is answered.) but my maternal instincts sometimes override the logistics of our life, currently ;) I spend a lot (a lot) of time thinking about our babies & that love for them that I can already feel. I am so blessed by all the mamas in my life that set such wonderful examples of motherhood. from sisters-in-law to women at our church to pregnant cousins to our own mothers, I am surrounded by the extraordinary women who show love & peace in every moment of loving their babies. in these pre-mama years, I just want to glean, & ask, & write & read! & I just want to tell all of them that - I see you! I see you in your good moments, when your children are being angels. I see you in the bad moments, when you probably feel like all the eyes in the room are on you & the screaming child on your hip. I see you in the less than glamorous moments, when there are four different types of bodily fluids covering various parts of your shirt. & guess what? it is awe-inspiring. you & your love & sacrifice - you are beautiful. & I truly cannot wait to have four different types of bodily fluid covering my shirt.  to my own mama - not only do I see you, but I have felt your love through every twist & turn in my life, & I have excelled because of it. 

I am so excited for my someday mother's days. but just because I'm not a mom doesn't mean there was anything less to celebrate on sunday! sunday, today, tomorrow... I am so blessed by & grateful for the mothers in my life. 

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