q & a

q. how do you hang out when:
-you are a group of five
-there are two boys & three girls
-two of the girls are event planners
-it's between the months of april-june for said event planners
-one of you is a fancy intern for a politician & keeps a busy schedule
-the other two have brand new jobs that they can't really get away from. ever.
-two of you live 2.5 hours away from three of you
-the boys want burgers & the girls want fancy drinks                            

a. you plan a monday evening dinner in williamsburg (the halfway point between us) & let the boys go one direction while the ladies drive off in another. proceed to soak up every minute of conversation & laughter. stay too long, sleep too little, & begin planning the next time you'll see one another.

//brought to you by an act of desperation after not being in the same room together for over two months


  1. 1. LOVE THIS.
    2. I have been dreaming about that flatbread for days.
    3. Miss you guys already <3

  2. Let's do this again... but for longer... like a year... or two.


because lezz be frandz.