on bliss & milkshakes

allison & I escaped down to the outer banks on saturday for some shopping, some milkshake & some ocean breezes. we nearly skipped the beach part, but decided at the last minute to drive down route 12 & pick a random beach to adventure onto. I was expecting wind, seagulls & tourists. what we found was nothing short of breathtaking. abnormally clear water, fellow local beach bums & the warmest waves greeted us as we climbed down the boardwalk stairs & onto the shoreline. I can't remember the last time that I felt that drawn to the sea, but we just stood in the water - silent - soaking up the perfection of that very moment. that long moment of tranquility. a moment of knowing there was nowhere else to be than on that beach, with those waves, feeling that peace.

it was bliss.
true & radiant bliss.

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