iphone does: town point park

now that I've joined the iphone cult, uhhhhh... club... I'm trying to figure out how to balance the how-much-iphone-is-too-much-iphone in the land of blog. but it's midnight, & I have wedding festivities for darling sara + daniel starting early tomorrow am, so phone photos it is.

we don't really love the area we live in, but the "city" (being norfolk) has some plus sides. it sits on the water's edge of the elizabeth river, which I like to close my eyes & pretend is like hitting the edge of the hudson in nyc. only it smells a tad better here & you're much more likely to see a disney cruiseliner than a scenic ny skyline. we had some norfolk errands on monday & had lunch in the park on the water's edge. these first two weeks of may never disappoint with their choice of weather. 

norfolk, we may not love you, but if you were a person, we'd probably invite you over for dinner at least once.

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