sunday best - stag edition

it was jared's turn to miss church for an event he was working at, so here is me, myself & my parents' back yard. & yeah, my fingers are kinda in my mouth all come-hither style, but that just is what it is, folks. 

happy mother's day! we were so blessed to have been able to spend lunch with my mom & to enjoy a thai dinner with his. they're pretty & wonderful & pretty wonderful ladies.I  had this elaborate "ode to the mothers in my life" post written in my head on the drive in to church this morning, but wouldn't you know that it & my motivation have both left me? maybe tomorrow. I also want to tell you all about this past weekend's wedding. jared leaves for nyc tomorrow morning, so I'll probably buy a lb. of twizzlers & blog my little heart out while How I Met Your Mother keeps me company on netflix. it's like I'm always trying to tell you people, I AM FANCY.

edit // turns out it was a Golden Girls marathon on WE that kept me company. even fancier.


  1. Look at you skinny mini! Teach me your secrets!!!!!

  2. You know, this looks JUST like something your mom would wear. So classic.


because lezz be frandz.