the good

good things about today:

it rained & I was driving a car that doesn't threaten to shut off at every stop light. my boss & I were laughing within ten minutes of arriving at work, which is a good start to the work week. a little old lady complimented my posture. macadamia/white chocolate cookies for an after-lunch dessert. the lady who rescued the four little ducklings that I found last week sent us pictures & my babies are doing juuuust fine.   I researched the pomodoro technique & downloaded a sweet app to help me get started. I VOTED, which I just think is so much fun for some reason. chipotle for dinner with my mom & sisters, always a plus. home under stormy clouds with a ridiculously long book that I'm not even sure that I like but have to finish (The Pillars of the Earth, ever read it??). burning a brand new candle.

these are some pretty good things about today.

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  1. very good, indeed. :) the little ducklings are adorable.


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