sunshine on a cloudy day

there was a crazy, thunderous downpour this evening.
which is fitting, really.
it's been one of those weeks where even though there's been actual sunshine & flowers all over the place,
it hasn't really been all sunshine & flowers.

nothing huge.
nothing ghastly.
not even anything to vent about.

okay, except that the stupid bullfrogs that live in the pond outside our bedroom window have begun mating-call-season again.
seriously, this is the symphony outside our window every. single. night.
flirty spring weather with the windows flung open all day & night has abruptly ended as of march 19th.
try to tell me not to wake up in a bad mood. no really, try. 

the truth is, that it's kinda weird having a rough week when one of my "hobbies" is...
well, writing about my week.

it's life.
there are things.
happy things, sad things, annoying things. 
my things.

& these things filter into different categories in blogging.
item: things to photograph
item: things to discuss 
item: things to hint at 
item: things to announce 
item: things to write about, but not right now
item: things to never mention
item: things that weigh heavily on your heart, & sneak out even in the chirpiest of posts
item: things to revel in
item: things to boast about
item: things to reflect on

& while there is a definite level of conscious picking & choosing,
I'm here to say that even though the happy posts & photos are easiest to share...
things aren’t always chirpy. 
things aren’t always bright. 
but that’s refreshing & a little fantastic. 
because otherwise, I may always be hoarse & sunburnt.

it's march 21st, 2012.
& I, kelsey bethune, am having a little bit of a rough week.
& here ends the complaining, from this moment forth,
because my man came home with flowers & a knowing smile,
which I consider to be sunshine on a cloudy day.

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