it's us against the world.


just some moments from jared's birthday on saturday,
spent at the williamsburg winery, colonial williamsburg & ending in our home sweet home.
favorite moment? my undercover sleuthing of amelia showing her inner cat lady.
& since I know you're drooling over it,
allison & amelia made chocolate cake + coffee buttercream icing
& it tasted just as good as you're thinking it did.

I'm brand spankin' new to this video thing,
& I'm quite sure that I have about mmm, 99% room for improvement.
jared muttered about a steady-cam-somethin'-somethin' when I showed it to him.
I may not know what that is but I am smart enough to know that SHAKY is the opposite of steady.
so, good thing I married an av-kid. that's right, I'm looking at YOU, birthday boy.

for now, I'm just grateful for a way to capture longer moments, especially with these wonderful friends.
we have soooo many ridiculous videos from our years at college together,
when dancing to chumbawumba in front of a camera gave you both exercise and an excuse to avoid homework.
& they're hilarious. & embarrassing. & nonsensical. & wonderful.

so here's to more hilariously, embarrassing, nonsensical & wonderful videos,
no matter how shaky the video or how much older we get.

xo, kelsey


  1. Thank you B's for a lovely weekend. We love our Mexican friend and are so happy to have been there to celebrate with you.

  2. This is a great birthday present! I love home movies... HD home movies.

  3. well done. 'Nuff said!


because lezz be frandz.