sunday best

not at this pond, anyways.

& surprise! special sunday best guest stars, amelia & andrew!
we had such a fun weekend celebrating jared's birthday with lovely, lovely people,
 mixed with good food, great conversations & of course, bacon.

it must have also felt like a long weekend,
because I was pretty sure it was wednesday for the majority of today.

but you know what's really upsetting?
taking the extra 12.5 minutes to fishtail braid your hair when you COULDA just regular-ol'-braid-ed it...
just to have it look like a regular ol' braid, anyway.
I'll have you know that amelia is the only thing standing between me & short-hair me.
but I trust her. implicitly.

it's because I have fat cheeks,
but here in the south, we just call those good cheekbones.

xo, kelsey

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