sunday best

there's a funny thing about living in one city/area for most of your life.
there are certain locations that are photographically(is this a word?)... overdone.
jared's university campus is one of them.
but there's a reason, & it's because it is truly beautiful.
& on yet another rainy sunday afternoon,
we found beauty in its covered archways, too.

it's been a busy past few days, as the event season gears up at work,
& life kicks back into action after a very short & quaint winter.
I took a half day on friday & we spent march 23rd in our swimsuits on the beach...
which was definitely a first.
a weekday afternoon off had me the tiniest bit excited for the switch to my tuesday-saturday event schedule,
where we get to sneak around & play on mondays while the rest of the world goes to work.

so it's been a great weekend!
 we got to go dancing with jared's parents, 
who are becoming quite the impressive ballroom dancers. it was so much fun...
although someone is a little too competitive to enjoy himself if he's not the best dancer in the room.
not a bad problem to have, though, because my man can dance.

we're slowly but surely finishing downton abbey, disc by disc on netflix.
it's consumed our evenings during the past few weeks, & while our addiction is full-blown,
so is our to-do list, which has been totally neglected as we follow the crawley/grantham drama with bated breath.
we only have one disc left of season 2!
what do you do once it's finished???

oh, that's right.
you go see the hunger games without reading the books 
& decide you must read the entire series immediately.

happy rainy sunday from virginia.

xo, kelsey


  1. yes, you MUST read the series immediately.

    found the route

  2. These are some of my favorite pictures of you guys to date.


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