sunday best

don't freak out. 
I know I'm switchin' up the format here, & there's like, A LOT of kelsey & jared happening.
in your face. all unavoidable & whatnot.
but for quality's sake, this was inevitable.
my striped shirt looked like it was television static, & no one wants that.

we brought friends along on our photo taking adventure today, 
(which added pressure to not fall off the log)
& I got to snag some pictures of their pretty faces at the park.
it's so fantastic to be able to play outside in mid-march.
it's so nice that I contemplated pulling out my spring/summer clothes yesterday,
but decided to give myself one more week.
it's always a little bit like opening presents as soon as the tote comes out,
& I oooh-&-ahhhhh my way through remembering how much I love this shirt or that skirt.
although, I lost weight over the winter, which will be a blessing & a curse.
I don't really need to go into the details of that, right?
good, because I don't think I'm ready to talk about it yet.
jk. sorta. ;)

uhhh, & happy (belated) st. patrick's day.
my parents usually celebrate our irishness with the traditional corned beef + cabbage meal,
but they had a dinner party last night, & poor st. patrick was ignored.
so I ate an avocado for lunch in his honor.

xo, kelsey

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  1. This is a great park for your pictures. Also, Jared's shirt makes him look like he is blending in with the grass. It's a nice touch.


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